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Garage Door Repairs



Garage doors need regular maintenance in order to operate correctly and safely. Parts can wear or even break leaving your door inoperable or dangerous. Garage door lifting systems involve springs under great tension and repairs shouldn’t be attempted by untrained persons. We service and repair all garage doors from any manufacturer. We carry spare parts for most garage doors or can order them in if need be.

We also repair and service motors to garage doors and gates, from any manufacturer.

We can supply extra remotes, new casings, batteries for remotes and coding and recoding remotes and doors.

If you are having a problem with your garage doors or gate or motor, you can give us a call where we can help you over the phone or organise a convenient time to come and repair your door. In most cases we try to provide a same day or next day service.

We can even arrange an annual maintenance plan to lubricate and inspect your door/s to avoid any major problems.


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